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Student Midwives' Journal

8th June, 2010. 10:55 am. introduction of sorts(lafemmenatal)


i was recently invited to train to be a midwife assist to the midwife that gave me prenatal care during my last two pregnancies...she was not present at either birth due to on-call situations...so ive never been at a birth with her...but i digress.

i am mainly just looking to see if any of you are birth workers in training or in practice...if you have any resources to share...any blogs/journals i can add/read...any advice on how to balance this lifestyle with being a mother/wife/woman (i love how i list those roles the same way every time...seems a bit out of order, but that's how i do it...interesting) and if you've gone crazy trying like im so afraid i may...

so far, im on call for my first birth...ive only ever been at my own births (1st and emergency c section after many many hours of natural labor, the second two hbacs) and ive tried to doula for a friend at a hospital, but had to leave to go to my 'real job' after many hours of her labor...all of my birth work/training kind of set on a back burner after the birth of my two youngest, but i feel like i have a good handle on this due to so many years of study...

anyways, im a bit nervous and wondering how to get it all together...

this is my journal i use to log all of these thoughts/fears/experiences...i'd love to make new friends!

mods, if this is inappropriate, please lmk and i'll delete.


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27th September, 2009. 8:20 pm. Midwife Text Books for sale(digivamp)

Hope this is the right place and this is allowed,

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22nd May, 2009. 1:38 pm. My Trip to Denmark (Midwifery Today Conference)(cali4niachef)

I just returned Monday the 18thfrom a conference put on my Midwifery Today in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was a 5-day long conference. There I took workshops on breech birth, shoulder dystocia, 1st & 2nd stage difficulties, 3rd stage & hemorrhage, placenta medicine, birth models that work, postpartum care, pursuing the birth machine, birthing women-sacred ground, etc. There I met Marsden Wagner, Ina May Gaskin, Robbie-Davis Floyd, Cornelia Enning, Michel Odent, Jan Tritten, Gail Hart, Enedya Spradlin-Ramos and other local Denmark midwives.

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21st March, 2009. 3:52 pm. Follow Through Journey(mattou)

Hey everyone

I was just wondering if anyone else here has been doing Follow Throughs. If so, how did you find it? Do you think it was helpful, required too many people, not enough? 

I'm enjoying it, but finding that the time factor is very hard. I'm doing two days per week at the hospital, four days at uni (one of those overlaps) and then have work to put in between and on top of that. How does everyone find the time to live...?

keep studyin' hard...

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28th February, 2009. 1:33 pm. new student midwife..(cohens_mama)

Name: Deb
Age: 23
Location: Palmerston North, New Zealand
Are you already a student midwife: yep...first year
Where are you hoping to/Where do you study: Massey University
What year are you: first
How are you finding the course: so far a little overwhelming.
Anyway else you'd like to add: not really. i have a little boy of my own, and am a single mama...he was born via emergency c-section. i believe that pre/post natal care including childbirth can be a very empowering experience for mum and family

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13th January, 2009. 1:56 pm.(obabyplease)

i have an interview at Stirling Uni (in Scotland) in february and eeeeeeee. i am so nervous. but extremely excited too! lol.
i was just wondering a few things?
what on earth do i wear?
like i dont want to be really, really smart because i'm only 20 & i just dont want to come off... i don't know. like im quite casual dresser anyway, jeans and a t-shirt or a dress kind of girl..
but obviously i dont want to be casual either..
what did you guys wear for your interviews?

& on my interview letter it says, "Bring with you an article from a professional nursing or midwifery journal that you feel has encouraged you to pursue nursing or midwifery."

i've been trailing through the BJM (british journal of midwifery)for daysssss & i'm still no closer to picking ONE article. because honestly i find it all so interesting and it all inspires/encourages me... so i was just wondering if any of you had any input. like should i go for an article that focuses on midwifery as a whole or should i go for one particular point?

thank you thank you thank you for any help/advice you can offer!
i'll most likely be posting a millionnn times before my interview!
-rachel xx

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12th December, 2008. 6:56 pm.(mattou)

So... what does one do when a your trainer midwife gives medical advice that just isn't right?
I've come across this once or twice (and so have friends). Has anyone else?

Current mood: calm.

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10th November, 2008. 11:36 am.(obabyplease)

hey guys,
i spent friday night with my friend vicky at a maternity hospital in scotland. she had a miscarriage. well they're pretty certain - she has her scan today.
i wrote this when i got home

"i've been in hospital for the past 5 hours with my friend vicky from work. they're 99.9% sure she's had a miscarriage. they are fucking IDIOTS. i dont think ive ever been this angry, seriously seriously. we were sitting for FORTYFIVE minutes before a midwife said "oh i'll be with you soon." once they seen her they asked her to do give a urine sample. it was basically just blood and thick stuff, they just looked at each other immediatley and then left. DIDNT SAY ANYTHING. she was in the triage ward. first of all, the woman beside her, less than 4 feet away, i dont know what was wrong but after a few minutes the midwife was shouting "see honey, see how you strong you're baby is! hear that heartbeat?" (and we could hear it too. vicky could hear it too. through the monitor, it echoed throughout the room.) second woman, again dont know what was wrong but it soon became apparent that she was actually in labour. and i appreicate that they have to raise the spirits of these two women, i really do. but meanwhile vicky is curled up, clutching her scan picture from yesterday in one hand and gripping her cramping stomach with the other, blood seeping through the gown onto the bed, crying her eyes out. not only did i think it's not very nice for her to be hearing about these other two women but it cant have been nice for them, either. hearing vicky crying like that, and moaning when she was cramping you know..? it was a fucking joke. when i went through to ask if they could move vicky somewhere else the midwife SHOUTED AT ME. "we're doing all we can!!!!". and i'd appreciate that, i really would. EXCEPT THEY CLEARLY WENT. a doctor EVENTUALLY came. spoke for at least 5 minutes, complete jargon, vicky didnt have a clue and when she said "so.. what.. have i miscarried?" she said "well... probably, yeah." in the most flippant tone i have ever heard in my life. she said she couldn't be 100% sure until she got a scan on monday. because apparently they dont do scans over the weekend. WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS A MATERNITY HOSPITAL. apparently it's not an emergency. maybe its not a fucking medical emergency, but fucking HELL. human rights, compassion. WHAT. this is a 23 year old girl, who has been told ALL HER LIFE that she couldn't have children because she was so severely sexually abused when she was younger. a girl who just fucking found out on monday that she was pregnant. a girl who was rushed to hospital yesterday because she was spotting only to be sent home with "you'll be fine". a girl who just looks/looked so... broken. more broken that i've seen anyone in my entire life. and they just sent her home. with some painkillers for the cramps. no=one once said "i'm sorry." when i went to speak the midwifes they were like "we dont know anything yet" and no, maybe they didn't. but at that point there was only vicky and one other woman in triage. there were FOUR of them. one of them could at the very least came and spoke to her, shown some kindness, gave her a cuddle, said they were sorry, that she'd be okay, stroke her hair, talk to her, ANYTHING. but no. this is fucking ridicolous, its a fucking joke. i am so angry."

i'm not a student midwife, but i really really really want to be a midwife one day, and i've applied for next year. basically - i'm just in shock really. it's not at all how i thought midwifes would act, like any of them... and i don't know. i'm not really articulating myself very well. i've calmed down a lot since friday night. and i appreciate now that maybe they have to be a bit cold to stop themselves getting emotionally involved and stuff, or maybe they were having a bad day (although i still think this is no excuse for how she was treated.) & i guess i just wondered really, whats your take on all this? have you experienced anything like this... either personally, or whilst on placement? and maybe too, they just didnt know what to say, but it was my understanding that you got trained on this type of thing.. i don't know. i just feel lost. i know that i dont want to be that kind of midwife - and i still want to be a midwife, i'm just... i will have to have a think about some things if a lot of midwifes are this way... i dont know.
i think thats all i have to say. i still need to think some more about the whole topic..
thanks you guys.

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24th September, 2008. 11:24 pm. Doppler(sublime29girlie)

also. dopplers. where to get one. a good one.

Current mood: devious.

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24th September, 2008. 10:15 pm. The Farm(sublime29girlie)

So, I'm thinking about going to visit The Farm in Tennessee and attending a few of their midwifery workshops. Some are even instructed by Ina May Gaskin! Anyone else been to any of these?

Current mood: excited.

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