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introduction of sorts


i was recently invited to train to be a midwife assist to the midwife that gave me prenatal care during my last two pregnancies...she was not present at either birth due to on-call ive never been at a birth with her...but i digress.

i am mainly just looking to see if any of you are birth workers in training or in practice...if you have any resources to share...any blogs/journals i can add/read...any advice on how to balance this lifestyle with being a mother/wife/woman (i love how i list those roles the same way every time...seems a bit out of order, but that's how i do it...interesting) and if you've gone crazy trying like im so afraid i may...

so far, im on call for my first birth...ive only ever been at my own births (1st and emergency c section after many many hours of natural labor, the second two hbacs) and ive tried to doula for a friend at a hospital, but had to leave to go to my 'real job' after many hours of her labor...all of my birth work/training kind of set on a back burner after the birth of my two youngest, but i feel like i have a good handle on this due to so many years of study...

anyways, im a bit nervous and wondering how to get it all together...

this is my journal i use to log all of these thoughts/fears/experiences...i'd love to make new friends!

mods, if this is inappropriate, please lmk and i'll delete.


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